Beckermann Küchen. Since 1896.


Sustainability and respectful action are just as important to us as dealing responsibly with people and nature.


Label of origin for Beckermann: 'Furniture Made in Germany'
“As a traditional manufacturer, we want to underline our high quality standards with the geographical guarantee of origin ‘Furniture Made in Germany’, said Beckermann’s managing director Jürgen Gieske on the occasion of the presentation of the certificate by Jan Kurth, Managing Director of the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM). “We are extremely proud of this official recognition, because we put the ‘Made in Germany’ concept into practice well beyond what is required for certification. We attach great importance to the use of German suppliers and materials manufactured in Germany, because this guarantees a reliable supply chain,” added Bernard Lampe, Managing Director at Beckermann. Jan Kurth expressed his delight that “Beckermann, a supplier of high-quality, bespoke kitchens, is now officially part of the ‘Furniture Made in Germany’ circle”.

Beckerman Küchen has been recognised as a neutral furniture manufacturer
Beckerman Küchen has been awarded the RAL quality label for climate-neutral furniture production by the German Association for Quality Furniture (DGM). To achieve this, we had to fully document our CO2 emissions and offset them in accordance with recognised climate protection certificates.

Beckerman is committed to steadily reducing its carbon footprint. All CO2 emissions have been fully documented and offset as specified in recognised climate protection certificates. In this way, we are supporting the New Bong Escape Hydropower Project, which uses the run-of-river power of the Jhelum River in Pakistan to generate energy.

We have been investing in energy conservation measures for a long time now. Beckerman initiated an essential stage in the reduction of on-site emissions with the construction of the new production hall. Not only does the photovoltaic system installed on the roof contribute to sustainable energy generation, but a new incinerator also converts the wood residues and chips from the entire production into heating energy. It thus provides the whole plant with the necessary heat, even in extremely cold winter conditions.
Another of our company’s sustainability goals is the use of environmentally friendly lacquers. Here, we will switch all lacquers to water-based lacquers by the end of 2023.

“The Golden M”
The RAL quality label provides the user of certified furniture with a guarantee that it is durable and harmless to health as well as flawless in its functionality, environmental compatibility and safety.

Before the RAL “Golden M” quality label is awarded, furniture has to pass through a whole series of tests. Experts from neutral testing institutes examine not only the stability, strength, workmanship, functionality and safety of the furniture, but also its pollutant content. In order for furniture to be awarded the RAL quality label, it must not only be free of harmful substances that can cause illness; it must also be produced in such a way that the entire production process is health- and environmentally-friendly. Wood and wood-based materials used for the furniture must not have been treated with biocidal wood preservatives as a preventive measure.

During the production of the furniture, manufacturers must ensure that they do not use processes and materials that are harmful to the environment or health. The consumption of resources, including the energy used, must be carried out in an ecologically sound manner, as must the development and construction, the packaging, the transport, the use, the disposal or recycling and, of course, the entire production of the furniture.

After all, the furniture buyer should be in no doubt that the furniture with the “Golden M” award is fully quality-tested and that they can use it in their home with a clear conscience. It is the only officially recognised quality label for furniture in Germany and it is the most stringent certification for tested furniture quality and safety in Europe.

LGA GS certificate
The LGA - Langesgewerbeanstalt grants Beckermann Küchen GmbH (...) the right to use the GS mark for Beckermann kitchen furniture ranges following successful testing by the Institut für Warenprüfung und Qualitätsüberwachung (Institute for Product Testing and Quality Monitoring) under the conditions set out in the general agreement.

LGA PEFC certificate
LGA Intercert Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH environmental auditors, recognised by PEFC Germany, hereby certify that the company Pfleiderer Aktiengesellschaft (...) processes wood from certified sustainable forest management in accordance with the PEFC system and in compliance with the currently valid rule set for the verification of the origin of wood and wood products in the product chain.

LGA pollutant measurement
LGA QualitTest GmbH, Institut für Warenprüfung und Qualitätsüberwachung, has carried out a pollutant measuring inspection on kitchen furniture (whole body test). Summary: All requirements in accordance with RAL-GZ 430 have been met. The additional requirements in accordance with DIN Gost have also been met.