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Beckermann in-house exhibition: “A tremendous success!”

We, the entire Beckermann team, are delighted that our trade partners were so impressed by the “brilliant trade fair” and the “unique new 6Plus ”, the innovative carcase grid, and the 19-mm carcase. But these were not the only things that received the highest praise. “Never before have there been so many compelling new sales arguments. Our new MyHome living sets with their own sales brochure also made an enormous impact”, said our managing director Bernd Lampe, who is kicking off a promising new kitchen season with a new, young and highly motivated team of full-time sales representatives."

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Label of origin for Beckermann: Furniture Made in Germany


The LOVESTORY room concept impressed both the expert jury and the consumers. Thanks to ingenious kitchen and living space planning that makes full use of the corners, new possibilities are created for structuring the space available. To enhance the holistic ambience of the home, the materials and colours of the kitchen are reflected in the household furniture. A connecting door integrated into the cabinet front provides access to a hidden pantry. Here, kitchen and household appliances, as well as food, can be stored within easy reach without compromising the attractive appearance of the open-plan kitchen. Thanks to our industrial customised production, optimum use of the limited space available is achieved here, ensuring maximum product benefit.