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We guarantee systematic top quality. Our kitchens are manufactured and inspected by master craftspeople. That is why we are able to give a 5-year warranty with a clear conscience.


§ 1 Definition
Beckermann Küchen grants our trading partners a warranty of 5 years. Warranty is a voluntary service, extending over and beyond the statutory 2-year guarantee, regarding the quality, attention to workmanship and functionality of the self-manufactured kitchen furniture components. The statutory guarantee claims and those provided for by the General Terms and Conditions are unaffected by this warranty assurance.

§ 2 Period
The start of the warranty is the moment of delivery to the specialist dealer or the place of delivery agreed in the order confirmation.

§ 3 Scope of the warranty
The warranty covers defects and damages arising as a result of constructional errors, material defects, manufacturing defects or execution errors. In these cases, we promise to bear material costs necessary in order to restore the original condition. The components subject to complaint can also be replaced with original spare parts at our option. Further installation and transport costs in addition to any other possible consequential costs are excluded from the warranty. Damage during assembly, due to wear and tear, or caused by water in addition to changes in colour due to aging caused by light or climatic influences are also excluded.

§ 4 Free choice of measures
In each instance, we reserve the right to decide at our discretion on the choice of the measures to be taken. Claims over and beyond the right to elimination of defects are excluded.

§ 5 Exclusion conditions
The warranty and claim to subsequent delivery shall be invalidated in case of unauthorised modification to the components delivered by us. Excluded are parts that are not originally manufactured by us, e.g. lights, bread slicing machines, mixer taps, all types of electrical appliance, sinks, taps and waste bins, etc. The respective manufacturer's guarantee conditions apply in this case. Likewise excluded are wear parts and fragile components, e.g. glass rubber parts or light bulbs and damage and defects, the cause of which is attributable to incorrect operation.
Damage and defects that may arise through the action of heat in the area of electrical and gas appliances, effects of water or steam in addition to cuts and knocks as a result of improper treatment of the natural product wood and stone and natural wear and tear are excluded from the warranty. Damage and defects arising in connection with project planning, measurement and installation are out of the scope of validity of this warranty statement.

§ 6 Extension exclusion
Calling on the warranty shall not have any effect on extension of the warranty for any further defects that appear in the kitchen or exchanged or repaired parts.

§ 7 Occurrence of the warranty case
Notification of a claim under the warranty may solely be performed by a specialist dealer. Final customers are bound to consult the original specialist dealer. Should the latter no longer be active, the final customer may consult the specialist dealer closest to his/her place of residence. Further information about locations is provided at our website www.beckermann.de.
The damage may solely be repaired by a specialist dealer or an authorised after-sales service. If a defect or damage occurs that falls under this warranty, the specialist dealer is to be informed thereof immediately. The dealer must draft a precise description of the damage, backed by photos if possible and answer our catalogue of questions correctly and completely.

§ 8 Scope
The scope of this warranty covers all countries and regions in which our trading partners are established. Countries in which we do not have any own trading partners are excluded from this warranty.

§ 9 Applicable law
German law applies to claims of all natures arising from this warranty statement. The place of jurisdiction is Oldenburg (Olbg.).

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