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Beckermann in-house exhibition: “A tremendous success!”

A new record number of visitors was reached with the in-house exhibition being held at our premises in Cappeln for the third year in a row. Particularly in the current climate, specialist dealers are looking for a reliable partner with superior quality and a wide product range. This is exactly what Beckermann is all about – and this is precisely what sets us apart, alongside our new models, decors and colours.

One of the most important innovations that was featured at the in-house exhibition is the complete changeover to the high-quality 19 mm carcase – as standard at the turn of the year. This corresponds with the wishes of our trade partners and provides them with another compelling sales argument. At the same time, all 39 carcase colours are available as OneLine carcases in matching colours inside and out.

Flexible working height with 100% storage space – the 6Plus carcase grid. Starting with the standard 6-grid-high standard base unit (U6 = 798 mm carcase height), this can now be individually increased by up to one additional grid. The contents of the cabinet and the front partitioning remain the same. The fronts can be individually adapted and only the upper front will “grow” in height accordingly. In this way, we can provide every customer with a individually tailored working height and also simplify the planning for our trade partners by intelligently avoiding any intermediate grid dimensions.

The new MyHome living sets attracted particular interest – the wide variety of cabinet ensembles for the various living areas creates additional planning options at attractive prices. Whether as a complementary living element or as an individual piece, they fit perfectly into any interior design. A sales brochure featuring superb photos and examples of sets provides direct support at the point of sale.

The new Flex Dining Table, an extendable table for up to six people that is integrated into the kitchen island, also attracted direct orders. This in-house development by Beckermann Küchen responds to the trend towards flexible furniture elements and addresses in particular the increasing number of single households with limited living space. The table top, here concealed in a kitchen island, can simply be pulled out to the desired length and is therefore able to adapt perfectly to any living situation.