Why Beckermann » Giga storage spaces

Tandem Solo

This makes storing things a pleasure: the elegant interior organiser slides out of the carcase when the door is opened and provides unrestricted access. It can even hold heavy loads with ease. The infinitely adjustable shelves provide more than just a good overview.

Premium pull-out larder

This convenient tall unit pull-out provides plenty of space for storage and is easy to operate from both sides. Here, too, the shelves are infinitely adjustable. The grey wooden shelf with an elevated rail ensures that nothing falls into the cupboard. A practical and tidy solution.


Tall units with internal pull-outs

Systematically planned interior organisation guarantees that every single square centimetre available is used effectively. With individual accessories, you can further subdivide the pull-outs as required.

Pocket Doors

Many kitchen features can be placed discreetly in the tall wall unit. The sliding doors disappear almost without a sound into the sides and do not get in the way when open. They thus allow full use of the open spaces in a kitchen.


MEGA-deep base units

Not only do the deeper pull-outs create tremendous added value with regard to storage space, but the deeper worktop also provides more space for working or for standing appliances, for hobs and in the sink area.

75 cm-wide tall units

The appliance cabinets are even available as standard for the American XXL-INCH units.


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