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The “Golden M”

The RAL quality mark guarantees users of certified furniture items their durability and harmlessness to health, in addition to perfect function, environment-friendliness and safety.

Before the RAL quality mark, the “Golden M” can be awarded, furniture items need to undergo a whole series of tests. During the latter, specialists from unbiased test institutes not only study the furniture’s stability, strength, workmanship, functionality and safety of the furniture, but also its harmful substance content. For furniture items to obtain the RAL quality mark, they must however not only be free of pathogenic harmful substance concentrations; rather, the entire production process must be healthy and environment-friendly. Thus, wood and wood materials that are used for furniture may not be treated with biocidal wood preservers.

In production of the furniture, manufacturers must ensure that they do not use processes or materials that are harmful to the environment or health. Consumption of resources, including the energy required, must be carried out taking account of ecological aspects, as must development and design, packaging, transport, use, disposal or recycling and of course the whole of furniture production.

For furniture purchasers can rest assured that: furniture items bearing the “Golden M” are quality-tested products with which they can furnish their homes in good conscience. It is the only officially recognised quality mark for furniture in Germany and is the most stringent proof of tested furniture quality and safety in Europe.

LGA GS certificate
Following successful testing by the Institute of Product Testing and Quality Control under the conditions stipulated in the frame agreement, the LGA – Landesgewerbeanstalt (Federal State Trade Institute) bestows on the company Beckermann Küchen GmbH (...) the right to bear the GS label for Beckermann kitchen furniture programmes.

LGA PEFC certificate
LGA Intercert Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH, the environmental verifier, recognised by PEFC Germany, hereby certifies that the company Pfleiderer Aktiengesellschaft (...) processes wood from certified sustainable forestry management in the product chain according to the PEFC system in compliance with the currently applicable rules and regulations for verifying the origin of timber or timber products.

LGA pollutant measurement
LGA QualitTest GmbH, Institute of Product Testing and Quality Control, has performed a pollutant measurement on kitchen furniture (whole body testing). Summary: all requirements according to RAL-GZ 430 are fulfilled. The additional requirements according to DIN Gost are likewise fulfilled.


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