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120 years of Beckermann Küchen

Practical ideas link generations.

Tradition has a long-standing history

Heinrich Beckermann, a schoolteacher's son, founded the family-owned business in Cappeln near Cloppenburg in the Oldenburg Münsterland in 1896.

A report of purchase of the first woodworking machine dates from 1902, a combination of a band saw, milling and drilling machine that was still partly operated by hand using chain transmission or horse-powered using a horse capstan.


Innovation based on tradition

Purchase of a 10 hp petrol engine, still generally known at that time as an Otto engine after its inventor. Alongside the increasing mechanical production, the workshop facilities also grew into a furniture factory, which was connected to the electric power supply during the First World War. It was also important to adapt in terms of materials.

The first synthetic surfaces and new substrates, such as plywood or blockboard, conquered the market.

The 40's
The German situation stabilised with the currency reform following the 2nd World War and Beckermann was able to set up subsidiary plants in Werl in 1962 and in Canada in 1976 in addition to various sales distribution points outside Germany.

The 60's
Under the slogan "Kitchens for Europe's women", Beckermann boldly made a successful leap into the realm of brand articles. At that time, the slogan stood for premium quality and international success.


A new generation

The 80's
The new-generation Beckermann kitchen. Beckermann adjusted innovatively to the modern demands of a mobile society with the development of new carcase dimensions based on a 13 cm grid size. The untapped flexibility opened up prospects for hitherto unknown architecture and planning concepts.

The present day
Beckermann Küchen GmbH is now a global-player, medium-sized company with around 200 employees. Our production facility is centred around the main plant in Cappeln/Lower Saxony. Owing to the selective marketing policy, we concentrate on exclusive partners in the specialist trade. Our export rate approximates 65%. We deliver to almost all European partner countries, Asia and the USA. As ambassadors of premium German branded quality, we serve the widest array of markets with their respective demands.



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