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Photo: J. Kratschmer; v. l. Susanne Nick (Initiative LifeCare, Projektleitung ), Hans-Joachim Kalek (Vertriebsleiter, Beckermann Küchen), Larissa Mihatsch (Initiative LifeCare), Harald Schultes (Geschäftsführer Initiative LifeCare)

Wood reinvented!

The decision has been made! The Denver lacquer concept was able to fully convince both the expert jury and the consumer in a two-stage process. The outstanding product not only impressed the consumer with a single property, but also offers an overall superior performance. With this in mind, the Denver lacquer concept was chosen by the consumer as one of the most popular products in the world of kitchens for the year 2019. Managing Director Bernd Lampe is delighted about this, the third awarding in a row of the prestigious consumer prize from the LifeCare initiative, which is the highest accolade for outstanding product performance and a high level of consumer orientation:

KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2019 – Outstanding Product” in the criteria functionality, innovation, product benefits, design, and material properties
The award ceremony will take place on 09 February 2019 in Frankfurt during the Ambiente consumer


The innovative Denver lacquer concept by Beckermann Küchen:

Over the years, the kitchen has become a new central feel-good living space, equipped with the highest level of operating and technical comfort. In the new lifestyle kitchens, natural and very cosy materials such as wood and matt lacquered surfaces set the tone – in a material mix with stone, metal and glass. They reflect the trend and the strong demand for materials that are visually and sensually close to nature. With the new, in-house developed Denver paint concept, Beckermann Küchen has succeeded in creating another exceptional innovation, because it perfectly reflects the two major kitchen trends, wood and matt lacquer, in a particularly attractive, authentic and sustainable way. The Denver lacquer concept involves the matt lacquer being applied to a wood-effect carrier with Synchronpore. This creates high-quality fronts in matt lacquer which look and feel the same as a coloured lacquered wood veneer.


The innovative surfaces offer the customer a whole range of advantages, because the new Denver lacquer concept allows a great deal of freedom in planning and design. For all lifestyle kitchen plans from cosy to stylishly elegant. For example as a modern handleless kitchen design with an on-trend black matt colour scheme or other “Dusty Colours”. Kitchens with an industrial ambience, for example, whose charm lies in the combination of plain lacquered surfaces together with steel and glass, can also be realised. The new Denver lacquer concept is also perfect for all classically timeless plans – for example a bright, fresh and cosy Scandinavian design.
For admirers of the new, urban country-house style, this model can also be designed as an open-plan kitchen, which invites you to relax in its cosy ambience. Combined with shelves, skirting and all the surrounding elements with a matt lacquered wood-effect, it is easy to realise beautiful, cosy kitchens – even in the entry-level price segment.


In addition to their natural and very cosy appearance, these exceptional matt lacquered surfaces with a wood effect also offer even more added value: an attractive contemporary design and excellent workmanship, as well as significant customer benefits, because they are robust, easy-to-clean and insensitive to fingerprints thanks to the first-class lacquer adhesion. In addition, custom items with special dimensions are no problem. All elements are tailored directly to the customer and produced in batch size 1 with the required measurements. The new surfaces are available in six standard on-trend colours. In addition, coloured lacquering is also possible in all RAL, NCS and Sikkens colours. This also applies to all the surrounding elements


About the LifeCare Initiativ

LifeCare (www.lifecare‐ is an independent initiative which seeks to identify and respond to the needs of people in our society in order to bring about a perceptible and sustainable improvement in the quality of life enjoyed by all. In recent months, the constant change of values has been greatly accelerated by the economic environment and has now fully reached the consumer. Rarely have products, product promises and advertising claims been so critically questioned by the consumer as today. The buying motives have changed – away from “hunting” for the cheapest products to a much more conscious buying decision. Quality, functionality and relevance, as well as non-product-related parameters such as having a clear conscience when purchasing and trust now have priority. The price is not the sole decision criterion for the consumer; instead the entire price-performance ratio is checked. The initiative aims to respond to these needs which are oriented towards new values. It provides the consumer with concrete decision-making aids through the presentation of annual awards for particularly consumer-friendly products.

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