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Whether for minimalist kitchen planning, a discreet appearance in the living area or as practical support: PushToOpen offers a wide array of options. You can therefore dispense with handles and grip ledges in your kitchen entirely, or it can be used as an additional opening aid. PushToOpen is available as a mechanical or electrical opening system. All models can be combined.

The mechanical opening system

A practical and economical solution. Whether a pull-out or swing door is involved, the front is pushed against so that the closure disengages and the front opens. Likewise, the door needs to be pushed against to close.

For swing doors and flap doors, the ejection pin can also be subsequently secured to the inside of the unit. With drawers and pull-outs, the ejection system is incorporated in the running rail.

The electrical opening system

ServoDrive offers versatile possibilities. Individual units, such as the pull-out with waste separators for example, can be equipped with this system according to need. The particular advantage of the electrical version is that it can also be used for large and heavy fronts: for instance for refrigerator doors. Alternatively, with minimalist kitchen planning with large pull-outs or flap doors up to 1800 mm in width: no problem. Lightly tapping is sufficient to open or close. For wall units with flap doors, simply press a knob on the unit front edge and the flap door travels gently and quietly downwards.

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