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The festive award ceremony at the trade fair for consumer goods Ambiente in Frankfurt: Harald Schultes Geschäftsführer "KüchenInnovation des Jahres", Irene Walker Beckerdöring Communication, Susanne Nick Projektleitung "KüchenInnovation des Jahres", Christina Dobelmann and Rica Tiemerding Beckermann Küchen.

Consumer prize for Beckermann

Consumers have decided on the most popular products from the world of kitchens for 2017. Beckermann was able to thoroughly convince both the expert jury and consumers with the “Vario panels”! In acknowledgement of outstanding product performance with above‐average consumer orientation, Beckermann has won the coveted consumer prize

“KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2017 ‐ Award winning Product” for the criteria of functionality and design

for the Vario panels.


The Vario pull‐out front from Beckermann.

Daily life. Daily routine has changed dramatically for every one of us in recent years and will also continue to do so in the future. Formerly, “mum” was solely responsible for housekeeping and knew exactly which cupboard contained which cooking utensil or what ingredient, as she had put them away herself. The situation often looks quite different today: Parents and children share the work in the kitchen: someone empties the dishwasher in the morning and someone else cooks in the evening. Moreover, in today’s social structure, entirely different requirements also become important: new flatmates in student housing, different occupants in shared accommodation or maybe a home help service need to find their way around in the kitchen.

Where is what however? How do needs change over the years? We still do not know yet!

Design, organisation and versatile individuality. Are these notions mutually exclusive? No way!

With the newly developed Vario panel for interior drawers and pull‐outs, we offer today’s consumers a completely new solution for the everyday situations described above. Modern kitchen design appeals by understated lines and large, full‐width doors, above all in tall units. Interior pull‐outs and interior drawers that are invisible from outside are being used increasingly often to allow perfect use of the room inside. What however is inside these pull‐outs?


An appealing feature of the Vario panel is a picture frame mounted on the panel where texts or images that show the contents at a glance can be inserted to suit everyone’s personal taste.

Firstly, this makes it easier to look for cooking utensils, ingredients or any other things accommodated in a unit of this kind; secondly, it is simpler to put away precisely these utensils after shopping or cleaning. If ever you rearrange the contents of the pull‐outs or simply feel like a change of appearance, you can replace the labelling in the Vario panel quickly and at no expense. This can be done at any time without use of tools and is fully customisable. Whether when cooking together with friends, in everyday life with the family or flatmates, or even when memory first begins to fail: everything that makes work easier increases joy at work.

Images or texts on the Vario panels help to ensure that anyone can find their way around the kitchen immediately – and each one is unique.



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